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Where is lost and found service?
If you left something in the taxi, please contact the Police Broadcasting Service of National Police Agency by calling (02)2388-0066. When a taxi driver finds property in his or her taxi, they will hand it to a local police station.<More>
What should I do when a car accident happens?
If there is someone got injured, dial 119 immediately to request the assistance of an ambulance. Make sure that warning signals are properly placed at the rear and front of the car to avoid traffic obstruction and multiple accidents. Do n...<More>
What is human trafficking?
Human trafficking appears in three types, namely sexual exploitation, labor exploitation, and organ harvesting.   In accordance with Article 2.1 of the Human Trafficking Prevention Act, "human trafficking" can be defined as f...<More>
How do I call if I require immediate emergency attention?
If you require immediate emergency attention, call “110”. It is the emergency-response hotline in Taiwan, and the officers will put you through to the Fire, Police, and Ambulance. Or, you can call the Fire, Police, and other hot...<More>
Where can I get the application form for Police Criminal Record Certificate?
The applicants can get the application form at:  Information counters of Foreign Affairs Division, Nantou County Police Bureau. Information counters of eight police precincts, Nantou County Police Bureau. Official website of ...<More>
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