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What should you do when facing domestic violence
1. Report the case immediately: you can call 110 or 113 to report domestic violence.
2. Protect the victim: When the police arrive at the scene, the victim will be isolated and protected during rescue operation, and the police will only leave the scene when the victim is no longer in danger.
3. Respect the victim’s will and protect the victim’s privacy: Every domestic violence case is treated as classified information. Unauthorized person is not allowed to access such information. If the victim does not want to press charges, the police will respect the decision. However, the victim should reserve prosecution rights for six months, and the victim should keep all the evidences. The victim can apply for protection order, but a victim with immediate danger is not bound under this law.
4. Emergency settlement: When there is a victim that need to be emergency settled, the police will find and settle the victim to a secure location.
Updated:2018-03-07 AM 10:25:37
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