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Anti-Drug MV – “Find the Way Out,” creates a drug-free environment by joint efforts of the public and the police
The Criminal Investigation Bureau of the National Police Agency has produced an anti-drug MV titled as “Find the Way Out” to educate the public to stay away from drugs. Those who are in the process of rehabilitation from drug addiction are encouraged to insist on quitting drugs. This MV aims at alerting the public to the hazard and pain caused by drugs and saying no to drugs.

“Find the Way Out,” an anti-drug MV ( ), depicts the protagonist of the story struggled with drug addiction and successfully quitted using drugs afterwards. However, after discharging from the rehabilitation center, the protagonist was at a state of loss. With the support of friends, he could finally find his way out to be his own master and return to the society.

The poster for the promotion of the anti-drug MV, “Find the Way Out”, depicts the pain and misery which the protagonist suffered after he got addicted to drugs. Although the misleading to drug addiction, the painful experience after addiction, and the enticement of friends to go back to drugs, one must be his own master with a firm belief and find his way out with the support of friends and family to start a new life.

Data Source:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)
Updated:2018-10-16 PM 03:05:15
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