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Nationwide Traffic Enforcement: Further Efforts Required for Pedestrians’ Right of Way
The statistics of the month-long nationwide traffic enforcement indicate that motorists’ awareness for pedestrians’ right of way remains to be fostered, with 10,559 violations recorded solely on the first day of the operation, according to NPA.

The nationwide traffic enforcement, which is a collaboration between the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) and the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), from 1st September to 30th September, focuses on enforcing rules on 5 types of violations: 1) failing to yield to pedestrians on a pedestrian crosswalk, 2) failing to stop and yield to pedestrians to cross while making a turn, 3) running a red light or making a right turn during a red light, 4) failing to walk within a designated sidewalk or on the side of a road, and 5) failing to follow the instructions of signs, markings, signals, or those given by the police.

NPA urges motorists to slow down or yield to pedestrians while driving or making a turn in order to preserve the rights of pedestrians. Pedestrians, on the other hand, should obey the regulations to walk on the pedestrian crosswalk, without passing through vehicle lanes in violation of regulations.

“Law enforcement is merely the means for achieving the ultimate goal of road safety,” the NPA stressed. Motorists and pedestrians are expected to establish mutual respect for each other following the one-month operation and further measures to be conducted for raising the awareness.

Data Source:National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)
Updated:2020-10-07 PM 05:18:53
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